18 Hidden Europe Gems You Need to Visit

Exploring the best spots in Europe often means cheap flights on Ryanair, heading off the main path or simply finding yourself somewhere totally unexpected. 

Some people call that inconvenient. I call it winning.

I love hunting out the hidden gems of Europe, the places still waiting for the crowds to descend and those destinations that unexpectedly capture your heart. If you are like me and would rather point to a random village called Arisaig on a map and head there on a whim, then this list, my friends, is for you.

The other magical thing about exploring Europe is how easy it is to get between the smaller destinations thanks to the extensive bus and rail connections available. The GoEuro app and website allows you to search and book trains, buses and flights and is a great tool to help plan your trip around the continent, especially given buses can sometimes be the best way to reach the hidden gems of Europe.

Here are 18 unique places in Europe worth adding to your travel list…

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