6 Prayers before Sleep

We think of bed time prayers being just for children. Adults need this as well to fine peace, hope, and unload our burdens onto the Lord and His grace. Make supplications unto him, for a restful night. Prayer is personal, and there is no wrong way to execute the groaning we feel in our hearts. Calm the mind, and find a great place to slow down. Remove electronics, or distractions. Try six prayers before bedtime tonight.

Lord, I seek forgiveness, and anything that hinders me from approaching you. Fill me with your presence and everlasting love. Tonight I ask for peace that transcends all understanding over my sleep, my house, and over my city.

I pray for protection against anything that hinders me from a goodnight’s rest. I speak a hedge of protection for the mind and body.

Allow peace to wash over me like a wave. Deliver me from worries of the day, and thoughts of tomorrow. Thank you for the provision, a bead, and warmth tonight. Thank you for answering prayers and just being my God.

Dear God, My is body weary.  I am thankful for renewal, and a time for restoration.

When I see the moon in the night sky I speak my evening prayer: Praise be to the Being of Life, for His kindness and His goodness.

Let the wings of sleep fall upon my eyes, and upon my eyelids. O Blessed One, Let me lie down in peace, and rise in peace. Into Your hand I entrust my spirit.

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