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Planned Server migration september 1, 2021

By: Senior Editor
Posted on: February 21, 2024
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The planned migration is this Wednesday, September 1, 2021 between 3:00 am and 11:00 am (EST 1:00 am – 9:00 am US time).

Dear customers,

Our hosting provider has made improvements to their hosting platform which will bring noticeable improvement for you.

To ensure that we continue to offer you fast, secure and scalable hosting, a necessary migration of your account will take place next week.

You will need to adjust your email client settings
If you use chi-node11.websitehostserver.net as your incoming/outgoing mail server to retrieve mail via Outlook or another email client, we ask you to switch it to: mail.go597.com or chir101.websitehostserver.net. If you use ‘mail.uwdomain’ as the incoming/outgoing mail server, no changes are necessary!

All other settings (passwords, ports) remain unchanged. You do not need to adjust or change anything else.

NOTE: If you use Outlook, you must choose ‘repair’ and then manually change and save the settings.

If you also use an e-mail client via your mobile phone, please also make this adjustment on your mobile phone (see point 1).

Again, this adjustment should be made after the migration is complete (see estimated time above or if you notice that the old settings no longer work during this time). Please make an appointment with your IT manager if you are unable to do this yourself.

Webmail (yourdomain/webmail)
Webmail remains normally available during this period.

DNS or Dedicated IP
Customers using our DNSs do not need to make any DNS-related changes.

Third party DNS
Customers using third party DNSs (Cloudflare, etc) should ensure that your A records point to the new server IP: instead of the old IP:

MX records
Customers using chi-node11.websitehostserver.net in their MX record settings should change this to: chir101.websitehostserver.net


By: Senior Editor

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