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What can you do with a QR code?

By: Senior Editor
Posted on: February 19, 2024
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QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, are square barcodes that store information in a machine-readable optical label. These codes were first developed and used in Japan. Unlike traditional barcodes, QR codes can hold various types of data.

What Data Can QR codes contain?

  1. Simple Text: Used for welcome messages at conferences.
  2. Addresses: Store personal home or business addresses.
  3. Phone Numbers: Hold personal telephone numbers or company phone numbers.
  4. E-mail Addresses: Link to personal or business accounts.
  5. URLs: Direct users to websites or specific web pages.
  6. Links to Apps: Found in app stores like Google Play or Apple’s App Store.
  7. Payments: Store information about bank accounts or credit cards.
  8. Online Accounts Authentication: Websites display QR codes for registered users to scan and log in.
  9. WiFi Authentication: Automatically join WiFi networks by scanning QR codes with network details.
  10. 2-Step Verification Passkeys: Used during two-step authentication setup.
  11. Other Various Uses: For instance, in Japan, tombstones have QR codes linking to web pages with information about the deceased. QR codes are also used for transcripts, degrees, and more1.

Why Are QR Codes Useful?

  • Convenience: Easy to generate and use.
  • Compact: Store a significant amount of data in a small space.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various purposes, from marketing to authentication.
  • Accessibility: Scanning with smartphones is common, making QR codes accessible to many users.

In recent times, QR codes have played a crucial role in tracking coronavirus exposure and slowing its spread2. So, whether you’re scanning a product, accessing event details, or verifying WiFi credentials, QR codes are an essential part of our digital landscape!


By: Senior Editor

Whether it’s polishing blog posts, fine-tuning landing pages, or optimizing site architecture, I’m committed to elevating digital spaces. Let’s connect and transform your website into a captivating online destination.
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