Courtyard Children’s Foundation

Introducing a special guest at the CCFS Corporate Soccer Cup : Edward van Gils! Join us & get to meet him!

Edward van Gils is one of the first internationally known Street Football player in the world. He is known as the Street Football ‘Godfather’ and created a ‘team’ with players that have similar experience and reputation in the world of Street Football. This team is called Streetkings and has been founded in 2010.

The organization is a platform for Street Football players by Street Football players. The players of Streetkings posses skills, knowledge and expertise needed to deliver the best results in every demonstration, clinic, tournament and any other event or product that Streetkings has to offer.

Edward is the Captain of the Ronaldinho Globe Street Team.
World Champion Streetfootball 2016.
2 x World Champion Steewtfootball 2017 & 2018.


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