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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Social Suriname

  • What is a Wildcard Certificate?

    What is a SSL Wildcard Certificate? A SSL/TLS Wildcard certificate is a single certificate with a wildcard character (*) in the domain name field. This allows the certificate to secure multiple sub domain names (hosts) pertaining to the same base domain.

  • What is Web Hosting?

    Web Hosting is a service that comprises of computing resources such as disk space, CPU, memory, etc. which allows for the files of a website to be stored and accessed publicly on the Internet. 

    Like land in real estate, Web Hosting provides you the space on which you can store and build your website. Things such as text, images, databases, videos, emails, etc. A domain name is similar to a street address, which allows visitors to find your website. Your websites files need to be stored and accessible on a server and web hosting provides you with that ability.

  • Is your IP listed in an RBL (Blocklist)?

    An RBL (remote block list or realtime blackhole list), also called a DNS-based blacklist or block list, is a spam-fighting tool. At Liquid Web, we use the general term RBL. RBLs work by keeping lists of IP addresses that are linked to spam email behaviors. You can check the status of any server by entering its address on SpamCop .

    If you want to check our local assigned ISP IP Address, then use this link and your IP address will be auto filled in the box: What Is My Ip Address Blacklist Check 

  • Name servers (DNS or Domain Name System)

    For anyone switching their domains to our servers, please use these domain name servers.

    • ns1.greengeeks.net
    • ns2.greengeeks.net

    Or use these aliases:

    • ns1.websitehostserver.net
    • ns2.websitehostserver.net


  • Is creating a Brand Page free?

    Yes, setting up and maintaining your Brand Page is entirely free. While we do offer incredible premium features to enhance visibility, they are not mandatory. 

  • Can I run promotions and specials on my PREMIUM Brand Page?

    Absolutely! Get creative! You can showcase exclusive offers, limited-time deals, or announce new menu items directly on your PREMIUM profile. Attract new customers and reward loyal ones with special perks. 

  • How can I track my Brand Page’s performance?

    GUIANAS.NET provides a good overview of analytics in your Premium dashboard to monitor brand page traffic, user engagement, and customer conversions. Use this information to refine your profile and optimize marketing strategies. 

  • Does GUIANAS.NET Offer Training and Support?

    Absolutely! We’re here to assist. Our website provides resources, guides, and valuable information. Additionally, we regularly host calls and online workshops specifically designed to empower local businesses with effective tools and strategies. 

  • Does GUIANAS.NET Cater to Seasonal Businesses?

    Yes! Whether you’re a flourishing farmers market stand or a cheerful holiday pop-up shop, or a Mobile SPA we offer flexible options to showcase your seasonal offerings.

    Keep your customers informed about your schedule and engage with them effectively. 

  • Can I customize my Brand Page beyond basic information?

    Certainly! With a Premium account, you have the flexibility to tailor your profile to match your brand’s personality. Upload a custom logo, choose a background image, and add unique descriptions that make you stand out. 

  • What kind of visuals can I use on my Brand Page?

    Show off your best side! Upload quality photos and videos that highlight your products, services, and overall atmosphere. Think mouthwatering menu pictures, vibrant salon snapshots, or captivating glimpses of your cozy coffee shop. 

  • Can I link my existing website and social media?

    Absolutely! Connect your website, Facebook, Instagram, Bluesky and other platforms directly from your profile. Make it easy for customers to explore every corner of your online presence. 

  • Can I Add Booking or Appointment Features?

    We are currently working on adding this option for our PREMIUM subscribers. So if your business offers online bookings or appointments, you will be able to schedule these directly within your GUIANAS.NET Brand Page! Simplify scheduling for your customers with just a few clicks. 

  • What is PartnerUp about on GUIANAS.NET?

    PartnerUp is a unique and easy way to look for a business partner directly from your Brand Page. Just choose your category and add your request! We encourage businesses to engage with each other and foster a sense of community. More exciting features are on the way!

    Feel free to explore and make the most of your Brand Page on GUIANAS.NET! 

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