Written by Lewis E. Thomas | Photo by Kylo on Unsplash

Do you feel unrecognized and unappreciated for all the little acts of kindness that you do?


God sees from His Great Throne beyond the Blue!
God has Holy Angels keeping a record, very detailed, precise and true!
A record of "all" those little acts of love and kindness that you do!
So, if no one "in this world" ever gives you due praise!
God sees and is recording it all in many different ways!
When you visit the sick and those that are dying!
God sees you holding their hand as you morn over them weeping and crying!
You are storing up "Great Treasure" in Heaven with your unseen acts of love!
But not one of those acts "goes unnoticed" by God above!
God was watching when you bought that poor homeless man that hot meal!
God sees your heart and He knows your devotion to Him is real!
God sees all your good deeds and He hears all your prayers!
When you can't feel His presence you can know that He "is always there"!
God smiles down "on you" and points you out to His Great angels above!
He says, "Gabriel, that one right there is one that I dearly love!"
So, keep on doing the Lord's work on that path you trod!
And one day you will be praised for it up in Heaven by God!
Lewis E. Thomas
As given by God on 11/17/2018



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