How to spot if your password was stolen in a security breach

Following the revelation that a list containing millions of stolen usernames and passwords had appeared online, we tell you a few different ways to find out if your credentials were stolen in that—or any other—security breach

In mid-January, researcher Troy Hunt revealed that a list was floating around in the storage space of the MEGA cloud as well as in several hacking forums. Going by the name of Collection#1, it contains the largest theft of passwords organized into a list to date, comprising more than 700 million email addresses and more than 20 million passwords.

Once we hear about something like this, it is only natural that we might wonder if our own email addresses and/or the passwords we use to access our accounts are among them, or if they have been snatched as part of any other infiltration or security breach. Discovering if our credentials have been robbed or not can also give us an idea of whether the passwords we are choosing when we register with a new service, or when we update our password, are sufficiently secure. In this article we will tell you how to find out if your email address or password has been stolen and to check if the passwords you are choosing are secure or not.

The first service we are going to look at is Have I Been Pwned. This service allows users to check if our email address has been stolen and included in any of the various lists of email and password information circulating online. Furthermore, their database is kept up to date and includes the emails and passwords which were stolen recently.

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