Life Is Full Of Blessings Sometimes We Are Just To Blind To See Them

Written by Carmela Snelbaker | Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash


When our hearts see only from the desire of our own eyes, we cannot see  God’s perspective and are blind to his blessings. When you find yourself in the center of a really difficult situation it can seem impossible to understand how the situation could be a blessing in any way, shape, or form. It is then, when you realize that quite possibly YOU are the one THROUGH which the blessing is to COME to the situation. It is within our willingness to become the “bringer” of the blessing that gives us a clear vision of how miraculously difficult situations can be transformed.

I am so grateful for the many people in my life who have allowed themselves to become the “bringer of blessings” over the years, and I pray that my life and actions are lead by and open to divine guidance so that without question or hesitation I respond to His lead with Truth Wisdom and Love in order to become the “bringer of blessing” to others in need.

As the driver of your own soul, it is only you that can control where and when you arrive at contentment. By following the path of self desire and believing your own wisdom is greater then your peers, the only place it will lead you to is stuck in mean and angry gear. It is only when you realize and accept the fact that every life matters and deserves to be treated with the same love and respect you apply to your own life, you will then be able to feel true contentment and peace. When your eyes are open to the clarity that love, peace and contentment provides you will no longer want to return to the selfish desire gear you were once stuck within.

It is difficult to watch the angry mean behavior people live in daily and often become stuck living in for many years. It can take over many many years of peoples lives if you allow it to.

Like an addiction to a a drug, if you are not willing to take ownership of your part in allowing the nasty ways to continue you will never find peace and contentment. It is not the fault of the ….. situation your in….. the other people around you…. or circumstances out of your control. It takes hard work to look in the mirror and be willing to expose your imperfect qualities. The places in your life where you made mistakes, the times in your life where you were NOT a victim. The times in your life when YOUR actions victimized or caused sadness and hurt to others.

I have spent the majority of my life working as a caregiver to others. I love the work that I do and have always found a special place in my heart for the challenging behaviors that many individuals present. I have heard the phrase “they have the personality of a snake” used when being prepped on an assignment. I am not above saying that I also have lived through days like this as well…… anyone alive and honest should be willing to admit that there are days in our lives when frustration is high and patience low and all you want to do is off load the hurt and frustration onto someone else….. anyone else…. you just hurt and are stuck in mean gear.

It takes work to get out of mean gear. Life is so much more beautiful than what is  experienced stuck in this gear. My prayers are that those who find themselves here be willing to look within and make changes to themselves and stop complaining and placing the blame on everyone else.

Many people who are seriously unhappy do not realize that only they have the ability to improve things. Note to Self… “Do not blame anyone else for the life you are leading, you are in the driver seat of your own soul.

Being honest with yourself and your own actions is the only way to finding genuine clarity and peace. For some reason many people find it much easier to complain and point a finger at another rather than looking inward and developing  truth, honesty, and humility. Learn to never take your blessings for granted, there will always be someone who is praying for the very thing you are taking for granted. Even when your life is at its most difficult there are always many others in the world who are in the midst of suffering as well.

Pray for clarity, look in the mirror, be brave enough to see your own faults, examine them and take steps to improve yourself instead of blaming others. Doing these things will lead you toward inner peace and true contentment. The only control a person should ever be attempting to gain is self control. Worrying about, blaming and controlling everyone-else  only causes problems, suffering and pain.

I am including link to a song below.

Need You Now  is one of my new favorites. I also am including an interview with the writer where she explains that this song was written as her prayer. She is very honest in sharing struggles that she dealt with in her life and how she was able to overcome them and find true contentment.

Published on Dec 28, 2013

Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, known as Plumb, suffered from painful anxiety and panic attacks in high school. She thought of those days of hiding in the bathroom, crying out to God as she wrote the title track of her album, Need You Now. Recently, the song had renewed relevance as her marriage crumbled and she faced divorce. She discusses her career, her music and her reconciliation with her husband. She sings “Need You Now” at 11:47.

“I wanted there to be a song that said, out loud, it’s OK to cry for help, it’s OK to just scream it at the top of your lungs.” -Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (a.k.a Plumb)

With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love,  Carmela


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