Elmer Juices

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Nelba Fruit NV, more widely known as Elmer juices, is a family-owned business founded in May 1992 and producer of fruit drinks in various tropical flavors made from our own traditional and treasured family recipes.

We at Nelba Fruit NV (Elmer Juices) continue to pride ourselves on tradition, pure flavors and resourcefulness established by our founders. You can find Elmer products all across Suriname.

Elmer juices has over 10 different flavors (Orange, Mope (or Mombin), Pine-Apple, Lemon, Mango, West-Indies Cherry, Passion fruit, Soursop, Guave-Pineapple, Fruit Punch) and we also have different bottle sizes: Gallon, 1000ml and 350ml. Our juices are also available in a few sugar free varieties.