Verl keizerstraat 64 , Paramaribo , Suriname

Thru my lens Photography

Verl keizerstraat 64 , Paramaribo , Suriname


As you grow older you realize that the memories you collect are way more important than the things you collect.

This is my story…… As you grow older you realize that the memories you collect are way more important than the things you collect. And of course it helps if you can materialize your memories. I have only 2 pictures of myself as a child. Looking back, I would love to have a lot more.

How have I changed, if I changed at all? How funny did I look with 2 of my front teeth missing? And the hair…. When I had some… One can only wonder and/or listen to what other people who knew me in my youth have to say about that. When my beautiful princess was born, I decided that I would capture it all for her. Every beautiful, innocent, naughty and even every awkward moment. Thus I bought my first camera. I snapped picture after picture. But I wanted more. I wanted to portrait the beauty and love I saw in her more accurately, so I practiced on anything and everything. After a while I decided I needed better equipment. I did more and more research on how to take better pictures, sharper pictures, better compositions. I did research on how to work with different types of light, different editing methods. All the while I still snapped picture after picture and a passion was born. Along the way I started specializing more and more in land- and cityscapes. Other than taking pictures of my kids, this turned out to be one of my favorite subjects. There is beauty all around you, if you just take a moment and look. These moments in time and space are often overlooked due to the rush and stress of the day. With my land- and cityscape photography, I want people to take a moment and realize how beautiful and rich our country really is. There is beauty everywhere. One of my other favorite subjects is pregnancy photography. There are few things in life more beautiful and powerful then the female body in its full glory. A pregnant woman usually radiates love, life, strength and vulnerability all at the same time. Combine this with mother nature and you have magic. My editing style is based on portraying people as they are. Highlighting their specific features. Everyone is unique. People need to embrace that. Real people, real beauty Thru my lens.

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Verl keizerstraat 64 , Paramaribo , Suriname
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