Lord, I am thankful…

Written by Stephen Kimball | Image by Freepik


Lord, I am thankful for the gift of life,

And for everything You so faithfully provide.

For the unconditional love that was modeled for me,

With boundless forgiveness and long-suffering.

For the love of my life, without whom I'd be lost,

And for my children too, priceless gifts from above.

For the church that I have come to hold so dear,

And for friends that have grounded me through the years.

For Your desire for me on the cross displayed,

I surrender myself, your humble slave.

For the hope of heaven by grace You impart,

Through faith in Jesus I hold in my heart.

For the solid foundation of the Holy Scriptures,

Fully sufficient for my every condition.

For the peace of Christ deep down in my soul,

That every circumstance is under Your control.

For all of the joys that lift me high,

And for answering prayers in perfect time.

For Your hand that guides in the right direction,

And for Your mercy towards me, a God of second chances.

For the Holy Spirit, given to comfort and convict,

And for providing a way out when temptation hits.

For the assurance of knowing my salvation is secure,

That by Your grace alone, my faith will endure.


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