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Moon Thai & Japanese was established on August 3rd, 2000, in Coral Gables, FL by lifetime chef and restaurant owner Jack Punma. Since then, the restaurant has expanded to include three additional locations:  Kendall, Coral Springs, and Weston, FL. The menus at Moon Thai and Japanese are carefully prepared with only the highest quality ingredients.

Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority so please visit any of our locations and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.  You may also use our easy to use online ordering system where you have access to our diverse menu from the comfort of your home.

Chef Punma
My passion for cooking started out as a young child in my mother’s kitchen in Bangkok, Thailand.  We cooked food in the morning and sold the meals to the local market.  I had to do everything to help my mother, from pounding a mortar to make curry paste to climbing a coconut tree to retrieve a coconut.

My mother gave me the passion for cooking and I wouldn’t trade my passion for anything in the world. At the age of 26, I came to the United States and worked as a restaurant chef in order to support myself while attending college.  On August 3rd, 2000, I opened my first Moon Thai & Japanese restaurant in Coral Gables and it was an awesome experience.  We look forward to having you as our special guest.

Some restaurant locations:

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