Suriname’s indigenous peoples portrayed in 124 photographs

Eleven years ago, I visited my home country Suriname for the first time after I had left it in 1987.  Soon after my first return visit, I decided to start a photographic project portraying the different Surinamese communities. The first community that I wanted to photograph were the indigenous peoples, the native inhabitants of my home country.

Before I started, I knew very little about the indigenous peoples of Suriname. I only knew the names of the five tribes I learned about in primary school. During my photographic journey, I learned a lot more about their ways of living, their perspectives, and their struggles. I encountered several situations in which indigenous rights were being ignored or violated.  Suriname signed the UN Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples, but it has still not amended its constitution to include indigenous land rights. Until she does, indigenous communities in Suriname will remain vulnerable and at a disadvantage compared to the rest of society.

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