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Qwant, the European search engine that respects your privacy.
Based and designed in Europe, Qwant is the first search engine which protects its users freedoms and ensures that the digital ecosystem remains healthy. Our keywords: privacy and neutrality.

  • The only European search engine
  • We are cookie-free
  • We don't keep any search history

Respecting your privacy
Qwant delivers the best available results to your queries and never tries to guess who you are or what you are doing. We strongly believe that what you search on the Web is an important part of your privacy.

Therefore Qwant never records your searches and never uses your personal data for advertising or other purposes.

Neutrality and impartiality
Qwant allows the whole Web to be visible without any discrimination and with no bias.

Our sorting algorithms are applied equally everywhere and for every user, without trying to put websites forward or to hide others based on commercial, political or moral interests.

Panoramic Search
Qwant delivers all its results on a single web page. Websites, social networks, pictures, videos, shopping, music… all is easily accessible through a single search.

Based in Europe
Qwant respects the European laws and cultures, and contributes to developing the digital economy of each of the European Union and European countries. 

It is based in France, with headquarters in Paris and teams spread across the territory.

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