Photo/Image by: TheTimTracker

Tim & Jenn started posting YouTube videos around June 2009. And now have a following of more the 500.000 users on YouTube and more then 80.000 users on Twitter. Their videos have gained more then 184 million views as of to date.

The Trackers are regarded as one of the best vloggers today for all things Orlando. And post a video nearly every day of the year!

So if your planning a trip to Orlando and want to know where to stay and what theme parks to go to they have a large selection of interesting and funny videos. They also take you on interesting water park adventures, all filmed with there Go Pro camera. So you really get the feeling that you're on the rides with them.

They often search for the best prices, locations and new attractions. And give you the ins-and-outs of the Disney and Universal Studio Parks. Often they will take you back stage at special events and tastings.

Click on the link below to checkout there YouTube page and don't forget to click the 'subscribe' button and the notification button. Enjoy, because you will surely like their vlogs. Please note, watching there videos is addicting and you will want to book a trip immediately! 🙂

And now it's time to pay the price!

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