Top 10 Things To Do In Jamaica

Stéphane DAMOUR – Ti Yab:Flickr

Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae and one of the more popular Caribbean destinations, boasts a treasure trove of natural jewels and a colorful African vibe.

It is rich with lush mountains, hiking trails, huge green rainforests, waterfalls, lagoons, wonderful beaches and reef lines. Visit Jamaica and enjoy our list of the Top 10 Things To Do In Jamaica.

  1. Strawberry Hill
  2. Seven Mile Beach
  3. Rick’s Cafe, Negril
  4. Mayfield Falls
  5. Dunn’s River Falls
  6. Blue Hole
  7. Doctor’s Cave Beach
  8. Rose Hall Great House
  9. Bobsledding, Mystic Mountain 
  10. Blue Mountains

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