Travel Off the Path: Suriname

Why You Need to Visit Suriname

As a geography nerd growing up (I assume this to be commonplace with most travel bloggers), I found Suriname intriguing because of its physical location.  North of Brazil, and east of Colombia and Venezuela, it seemed like the South American wild west.

I confirmed this suspicion in my adulthood, when I found that the nation was the least visited in all of South America.  In fact, the most googled thing about Suriname is “Where is Suriname?”

The multicultural and colonial history is also fascinating: the culture there is shaped by no fewer than six distinct ethnic groups, who all live in relative harmony (at least compared to other parts of the world).

My travel style in general is to visit places my friends won’t be able to locate on a map, and considering most thought it was in Africa, Suriname achieved this goal perfectly.

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