Whitehaven beach: The worlds finest?

The Whitsundays are a slice of Australia beach paradise, located off the coast of Queensland they were one of my highlights whilst driving along the Bruce highway from Brisbane to Cairns.

The famous image of Whitehaven Beach, regularly called the ‘worlds best beach’ is one you cant have missed whilst planning a trip to the land down under. But does it live up to all the hype?

Getting to the Whitsundays
The main access point to the Whitsundays on the mainland is Airlie Beach. A small town which has a definite backpackers vibe to it. With plenty of bars, shops and accommodation options it’s a welcome relief to some of the smaller and lacking in facility places you might have stopped off at on the road-trip there.

With a well cared for swimming lagoon and the instant feeling that you need to relax it’s a pretty good spot to chill out for a few days and explore the neighbouring islands from.

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